Taco Stands

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What is it?

If you are a taco fan, having taco stands is a no brainer! They make it easier to load your tacos with contents and prevent them from falling apart on your plate.

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The exact origins of the taco are somewhat murky, largely because it's an everyday food that has its roots in ordinary life, not high culinary culture. Most food historians agree that tacos likely originated among the indigenous peoples in the lake region of the Valley of Mexico.

They were essentially a form of convenience food for workers in the silver mines of Mexico during the 18th century. The word "taco" referred to little charges they would use to excavate the ore.

These were pieces of paper that they would wrap around gunpowder and insert into the holes they carved in the rock face. When you think about it, a chicken or fish taco is kind of like a mini explosion of flavor, so the name is quite apt!


Meet Your New Taco Buddy

Ever wished for a convenient and stylish way to serve your tacos? Look no further! This restaurant-grade taco holder is not only durable but also safe for use in the oven, grill, and dishwasher. Made from solid stainless steel, this taco rack is perfect for keeping your tacos warm and ready for your guests to enjoy.

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