SERVD Card Game

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What Is it?

This is SERVD. It's a card game that could take up to a year to play.... but really the timeframe is up to you! Split the deck with your partner and start strategizing. Each card is like a relationship coupon that you can play at any time... but choose wisely - each stack contains a few cards that allow the other player to reject your play.


Flexible Game Time for Your Busy Schedule

One of the best parts about this card game is its flexibility. Life can be chaotic, and not every couple can commit to a long game night. With this game, you can play your cards whenever the mood strikes or whenever you both find some free time. Maybe you want to play a quick game over dinner, or perhaps you prefer a leisurely game spread over a week, a month, or even a year. The pacing is entirely up to you. What matters is the joy and anticipation of the unexpected; it's like having a surprise gift at any random moment! Plus, it always promotes consensual and respectful fun, ensuring a good time for both of you.

Adding Fun to the Usual Routine

Let's face it, even the most loving and harmonious relationship can fall into a routine that could use a sprinkle of excitement every now and then. That's where a card game specifically designed for couples comes into play. Imagine this: Instead of the usual dinner-and-movie night, you're both exchanging cards that act as "relationship coupons." These cards can range from sweet gestures to fun adventures, all meant to inject spontaneity and fun into your daily life. It's a unique way to keep the spark alive, allowing you to discover more about each other, and add a playful element to your relationship.

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