Pen Phone

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What is it?

This is a phone pen. It's about the length of a regular pen, with the thickness of thick marker. It's loaded with features and provides you with the option to add dual sim cards and a micro SD card for expansion. You can: text and call (with a voice changer if you desire), watch videos, look at photos, listen to music or radio and even use it as a flashlight.


Also appears in GiftGenius video Part 277

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Hold on, because it doesn't stop at calling and texting. This pen-shaped phone is a veritable Swiss Army knife of features! Snapping pictures and capturing videos on the go? Check! A built-in flashlight for those unexpected moments when you could use some extra light? Check! And let's not forget the music player, turning this device into your own portable jukebox. It's astounding how much they've managed to cram into such a small package. Truly, this unique phone is proof that great things can indeed come in small - or in this case, slim - packages.

Adding a Twist to Portability

Now, let's chat about something super cool - phones that come in the shape of a pen! Sounds nifty, right? This tiny technological marvel takes 'compact' to a whole new level. Imagine the convenience of sliding your phone into your shirt pocket or even your pencil case. Yes, you heard right, a pencil case! Now that's one device that could give 'James Bond' gadgets a run for their money. And when it comes to function, this phone isn't lacking at all. It boasts a full number keypad and the nostalgic charm of T9 texting, taking you right back to the good old days of quick thumb movement.

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