Blink Video Doorbell

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What Is it?

This is the a Blink video doorbell. Get phone notifications when someone passes by or rings the bell. With the microphone and speaker you can even have a two way conversion with the person at your door. A big plus is the extremely long battery life lets you go a long time without replacing batteries.

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Making Life Easier with a Video Doorbell

Besides the security aspect, a video doorbell is a boon for those who value convenience. Let's say you're up to your elbows in baking dough when the doorbell rings. No need to wash up and rush to the door. A quick glance at your smartphone screen, and you know whether it's worth the effort. For those juggling work-from-home and household chores, this is an absolute timesaver.

Lastly, a video doorbell is a brilliant solution for when you're not at home. Expecting an important delivery but have to step out? No problem. Most video doorbells come with two-way communication features. If the delivery person arrives when you're out, you can instruct them on where to leave your package. It's like being at two places at once! From increasing safety to offering convenience, a video doorbell is a smart addition to any modern home.

Peace of Mind with a Video Doorbell

Everyone likes to know who's knocking at their door without having to peer through a peephole or twitch the curtains. A video doorbell gives you that privilege. With a nifty little device fixed right outside your entrance, you can see, from the comfort of your couch or even when you're away, who's come a-knocking. So, whether it's the postman, the pizza delivery guy, or an unexpected visitor, you can see them before you decide to open the door. It's like having your very own security guard!

These video doorbells aren't just for seeing who's outside, though. They also record and store videos, which can be handy for many reasons. Did you miss a package delivery? Just rewind the footage to see what happened. Plus, in the unfortunate event of suspicious activity around your home, having video evidence can be crucial. It's a feature that adds an extra layer of security to your home.

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