Drywall Repair Stick

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What Is it?

This is special wall repair putty packaged in a jumbo glue stick style container. Just smear it over any holes in your wall and watch them disappear. After the putty dries just wipe away the excess with a wet sponge to make everything level.


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Wall Putty Innovations

As wall putty became more popular, manufacturers started to innovate, offering different types of putty for different needs. For example, pre-mixed putty saved homeowners and professionals alike the messy task of mixing the product themselves, while quick-setting options allowed for even faster project turnaround times. Today, wall putty has gone through numerous advancements, and it continues to evolve. There are even eco-friendly options, developed in response to growing consumer awareness of environmental issues. So, from its humble beginnings as a simple alternative to traditional plaster, wall putty has truly come a long way.

The Early Days of Wall Putty

Once upon a time, walls were finished with wet plaster, which required skilled tradesmen and a lot of time to apply and dry. It wasn't until the mid-20th century that a revolutionary product came onto the scene: wall putty. This handy substance, also known as joint compound or drywall mud, was a game changer. Offering a quick, easy solution for smoothing walls and filling cracks, wall putty simplified the wall finishing process. No longer did people need to wait for plaster to dry for days; putty could be applied, sanded, and painted over within a much shorter timeframe.

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