Dreo Pilot Tower Fan (30% OFF USA LINK)

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What is it?

This quiet tower fan from DREO has 12 fan speeds, 4 oscillating modes and eco options that automatically detect room temperature and adjust fans speeds accordingly. It also comes with a remote for ease of use as well as a sleep timer for automatic shut-off.


Alternative DREO Tower Fan options for Canada & UK

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Now, let's chat about the benefits of these cool customers. First off, they're super quiet. The design of the rotating impeller tends to make less noise than traditional fans, perfect for those of us who crave a bit of peace and quiet. Additionally, they often come with built-in air filters, making them champions at pulling double duty by not only keeping you cool but also purifying the air. And because there are no exposed blades, they're a lot safer around pets and little explorers (a.k.a kids).

Embracing the Breeze

Ever heard of tower fans with rotating impellers? They're a step away from your conventional blade fan and offer a different style of airflow. The main difference lies in the mechanics: instead of spinning blades throwing air outward, these bad boys use a rotating impeller. The impeller pushes air upwards through the tower, which then gets blown out the sides, giving you that refreshing breeze. It's an entirely different approach and, on the plus side, it typically allows for a more streamlined, space-saving design that slots into tight corners of your room with ease!

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