Mosquito Repellant

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What Is it?

This is a mosquito repelling device. it uses an internal butane fire to vaporize the blue insert matt which id able to repel mosquitos in a 15 sqft zone.


Portability Meets Efficiency

Not only does this repellent keep those troublesome bugs at bay, but it's also highly portable. This product claims to provide an impressive 15-foot zone of protection, which is mobile and convenient. Ideal for camping, hiking, hunting, gardening, fishing, or any outdoor adventure, it's a lightweight companion that offers 12 hours of comfort per refill. Its effectiveness is trusted by many outdoor enthusiasts, and it even comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

But what about its working mechanism? The device works with both mat and fuel refills, providing optimal protection from mosquitoes within just 15 minutes of setup, sans smoke, flames, or harsh odors like citronella. Each repellent mat can provide 4 hours of mosquito protection, while each fuel cartridge lasts for 12 hours. When the mat turns white, it's time for a replacement, and you can conveniently store the spare fuel cartridge in the device's holster.

An Outdoor Companion: No-Spray Repellent

There's something satisfying about enjoying the great outdoors without the annoyance of mosquitoes, right? Now, you can, thanks to an innovative no-spray repellent. This product claims to keep away those pesky mosquitoes without the need for DEET, sprays, candles, or torches. Better yet, it's completely scent-free, so there's no chemical-to-skin contact or lingering odors to spoil your outdoor time. All of this without mess or fuss.

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