Device Platform for Wall Mounted TV

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What Is it?

This is an adjustable device platform that sits on top of your tv. Perfect for wall mounted televisions.


Understand Your Wall

Once you've got a handle on your TV's specifics, the next step is getting to know your wall. What type of wall are you dealing with? Is it drywall, plaster, or maybe concrete? This matters because different wall materials require different tools and techniques for secure mounting.

If it's drywall or plaster, be aware that you'll need to find the studs (the wooden frames behind your wall) for the strongest hold. A simple stud finder tool can be a great help here. However, if you're dealing with concrete or brick walls, the process will be a little different, and you might need wall anchors to secure the mount properly. And remember, always ensure that your wall can support the weight of the TV and the mount combined!

Know Your TV

While the task of wall mounting your TV can seem intimidating, it all starts with understanding your TV and its specifications. You need to know the size and weight of your TV. This information is crucial because it determines the type of wall mount to buy. Larger and heavier TVs require stronger wall mounts. Also, check if your TV is VESA compliant. VESA refers to the Video Electronics Standards Association that sets standards for mounting holes on the back of your TV. This ensures that your TV can easily be attached to the wall mount.

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