Watering Bottle

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What Is it?

This is a simple screw on attachment for most water bottles. Turn any bottle into a watering can for your plants.

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Gentle Care for New Plants

Gone are the days of struggling to pour water gently onto delicate flowers or seedlings. With the sprinkler spout, all you need to do is attach it to any standard water bottle and voila! You now have a makeshift watering can. The precise design of the spout ensures that the water flows evenly and in a controlled manner, mimicking the gentle shower effect of a traditional watering can.

The Convenient Sprinkler Spout

Have you ever found yourself wanting to water your plants but not having a watering can handy? Well, fear not! The ingenious invention of a plastic spout that attaches to a water bottle has got you covered. This nifty little contraption allows you to sprinkle water on your beloved plants just like you would with a watering can, bringing convenience and efficiency to your gardening routine.

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