Glowing LED Dog Collar

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What Is it?

This is a rechargeable, glowing LED dog collar. If you take your dog on night time walks this is a must have for maximum visibility and safety.

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A Unique Touch of Personality

Not only does an LED collar ensure your doggo's safety during your late-night or early-morning walks, but it also adds a touch of personality to your pet's appearance. Imagine your four-legged buddy strutting around the park, a collar flashing in a rainbow of colours around their neck. It's not just you who will appreciate this unique accessory - your pet could become the talk of the town, getting those tails wagging with envy! Plus, many LED collars offer an automatic colour alternating feature, providing an ever-changing and captivating light display that keeps things fresh and exciting.

Nighttime Visibility, Sorted!

Have you ever been out for a walk with your furry friend when the sun dips below the horizon? It can be pretty tough to keep an eye on them, particularly if they've got a taste for adventure! That's where an LED dog collar comes into play. This ingenious gadget lights up with a variety of colours, creating a dazzling light show that's not just fun, but also practical. These collars illuminate your pup in the darkness, making it a lot easier for you to spot them, and for others to do the same.

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