Baking Tray Rack

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What is it?

This baking tray is great for baking foods in the oven and ensuring a crispy result every time. The juices drip to the bottom of the tray while your foods cook to perfection!

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While the crispy chicken does sound divine, the advantages of an elevated oven rack don't stop there. See, when food (like our tasty chicken friend) sits directly on a baking tray, it gets heat from only the top. But when elevated on a rack, it‚Äôs a whole different story ‚Äď the hot air circulates freely around the food, cooking it evenly and delivering that mouthwatering, all-round crunch. Plus, it‚Äôs healthier too! The excess fat drips away instead of pooling around your food.

The Magic of Elevated Racks

Have you ever found yourself fighting the good fight trying to get that perfect crisp on your roasted chicken, only to end up with a soggier-than-expected outcome?

Well, you're not alone! Here's a quick and nifty solution - the elevated oven rack. Picture this: your succulent chicken, perched high on an elevated rack, not wallowing in its own juices, but instead basking in the glorious heat of the oven from all sides. The result? A chicken so evenly crispy that it would make even a gourmet chef nod in approval.

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