Soup Ladle with Strainer

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What Is it?

This is a soup ladle with a built in strainer. It filters out the soup from it's contents so that you can get exactly the right amount of everything in your bowl.


Cultural Takes on the Traditional Soup

Travel the world through a bowl of soup, and you'll find a fascinating mix of flavors and techniques. In Asia, for instance, you might be familiar with the intense umami of miso soup from Japan, or the comforting warmth of pho from Vietnam. Move over to Europe, and you'll be greeted with the hearty borscht from Eastern Europe or the classic French onion soup. Africa, on the other hand, offers a beautiful array of peanut-based soups, while the Americas serve up everything from Mexican tortilla soup to the all-American chicken noodle. Each culture puts its unique spin on soup, using local ingredients and traditional cooking methods to create a flavorful snapshot of their culinary heritage. It's a flavorful journey, exploring the world one bowl at a time!

A Brief Dip into the History of Soup

Soup, that humble and hearty dish, has been warming our bellies for thousands of years. It's a universal comfort food that transcends borders and cultures. The word 'soup' itself originates from the French 'soupe,' which came from the Latin 'suppa,' meaning bread soaked in broth. Historically, soups were a frugal way to stretch ingredients and make the most of what was available. Imagine, even back in 6000 BC, our ancestors were sipping on hippopotamus soup! Of course, today's soups have evolved significantly from their primitive beginnings, and the broth-soaked bread has become a delicacy in some cultures.

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