Backsplash Sink Mat

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What is it?

Looking for a faucet protector that is super absorbent and quick drying? Look no further than the Ternal Sink Mat! This mat is made of 100% machine washable and dryable materials, making it easy to keep clean. The secure fit also means that there is no chance of it slipping or sliding.


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What's more, this product claims to be 100% machine washable and dryable, providing hassle-free maintenance. Not only that, it's hand washable too! Just give it a rinse, then hang it out to dry on your countertop or faucet overnight, and it's ready for quick use the next day. With this handy tool, you don't have to fret about the upkeep.

But what really sets this item apart is the new snap button feature. This cool innovation secures your mat to the faucet base so there's no more slippage - talk about a perfect addition to your RV kitchen accessories! On top of that, this product boasts a super absorbent and quick drying feature. Its design includes a specially engineered wicking mesh layered with an absorbent microfiber cloth. The result? A top-quality sink mat faucet splash guard that works hard to keep your spaces neat and dry.

Customizable Convenience

A neat little gadget that might just simplify your kitchen and bathroom routines is making waves. This product claims to offer an adaptable design that can fit effortlessly on kitchen countertops, central islands, bathroom sinks, and even RV faucets. It's all about convenience and flexibility with this item. If you need more or less coverage, all you need to do is flip it around to adjust the width from your sink. But its versatility doesn't stop there. Imagine being able to have a nifty accessory that's just as comfortable in your home as it is in your RV!

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