Laifen Hair Dryer

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What is it?

To prevent hair damage, Laifen's unique technology counterbalances excessive heat by alternating it's airflow between hot and cold. To prevent your hair from being harmed by intense heat, the Thermo-Control microprocessor constantly checks the air temperature 100 times per second and makes small, routine adjustments.

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Ah, the hair dryer. This trusty tool has been helping us achieve flawless locks for over a century now. But how did this little appliance come to be? Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and explore the history of the hair dryer.

The first hair dryer was invented in 1890 by French stylist Alexander Diehl. Diehl’s device consisted of a large, cone-shaped hood that was attached to a long, flexible hose. The hose was then connected to a machine that used a small motor to generate air flow.

Diehl‚Äôs hair dryer was not very popular, as it was quite bulky and difficult to use. In 1920, engineer Gabriel Kazanjian created a more compact and user-friendly version of Diehl‚Äôs design. Kazanjian‚Äôs hair dryer had a hand-held ‚Äúgun‚ÄĚ shape and was powered by an electric fan. Kazanjian‚Äôs design quickly caught on and became the standard for many years to come.

In 1955, inventor Hamilton Beach unveiled the first ‚Äúbonnet‚ÄĚ hair dryer, which featured a soft, fabric hood that could be placed over the head like a bonnet. Bonnet hair dryers are still popular today among those who wish to minimize heat damage or save time on their blow drying routine.

As technology progressed, so did the hair dryer. In 1963, Vidal Sassoon debuted the first AC-powered hair dryer, which quickly became a staple in high-end salons worldwide. Since then, hairdryers have become smaller, smarter and more powerful.

the Laifen Swift Hairdryer

A 110,000 RPM high-speed brushless motor with a 22 m/s wind speed powers the Laifen hair dryer. Strong airflow can dry hair quickly, which is two times faster than using conventional hairdryers. Depending on the length and thickness of the hair, drying time ranges from 2 to 8 minutes.

200 million negative ions in the Laifen blow dryer give your hair a silky, frizz-free finish. Your hair will get a natural shine from ionic conditioning, which locks in moisture. Additionally, intelligent constant temperature can lessen the scalp's perception of heating and guard against heat damage to your hair.

By pressing the heat button, you can change the color of the LED ring. Yellow denotes 50 degree warm air, red 80 degree hot air, and blue cold air. Press and hold for two seconds to activate the circulating mode, which alternates between hot and cold air every few seconds. When operating, the Laifen hairdryer makes only 59dB of noise, which won't interfere with your family's ability to sleep.

Laifen's hairdryer is compact and portable, weighing only 0.9 pounds (407 grams), making it perfect for use at home and on the go. The blow dryer is simple to use thanks to its ergonomic design, straightforward button, 360¬į rotating magnetic nozzles, and filter.




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