Mini Camping Wood Stove

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What Is it?

This mini camp stove has a super portable design that provides the perfect balance between size and ease-of use. The stainless steel wood burning kit includes everything you need to get started, including a heat resistant mat that goes under the stove with sturdy tongs for safely adding and adjusting your firewood!

It's made of just 8, flat metal components that assemble into a sizeable stove. You don't even need to worry about bringing a fuel source as twigs and fallen branches can be sourced from nature as you go.

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Stoking a Stove with What Nature Offers

And there's something fundamentally satisfying about using a wood burning stove, don't you think? It's all about reconnecting with nature. With this flat-pack stove, all you need are twigs, leaves or other bits of natural debris to fuel your fireside cooking. There's no need to worry about running out of fuel canisters or dealing with complicated setups. Plus, it offers an eco-friendly cooking option. It feels just right, doesn't it? Gathering fuel from your surrounding environment, nurturing a tiny fire, and cooking a meal, all in the heart of nature. That's the beauty of using such a tiny wood burning stove.

Space-Saving Elegance of a Flat-Pack Wood Burning Stove

Picture this: you're off on a weekend camping adventure, trekking through beautiful woods or mountains, and you've got to think about every single item you pack. Weight and space are precious commodities, right? Here's where the tiny wood burning stove shines. Its flat metal panels all neatly stack into a flat pouch, offering a design that's delightfully space-saving and easy to tote around. So, instead of lugging around a bulky traditional stove, you have this smart, compact solution that fits snugly into your backpack, just waiting to offer a warm, crackling fire when you decide to set up camp.

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