iWalk Power Bank with Built-In Cable

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What Is it?

This is a small 9000mah powerbank that has a built in cable for convenient charging when you're on the go. It can charge your phone 2-4 times and also has a USB-C port for charging other devices.


Keeping It Tidy

In addition to being super handy, the iWalk portable charger also helps you keep things neat and tidy. You know the drill: cables tangled up in your bag, twisted around everything else you're carrying, turning into a real mess. With the iWalk, you can say goodbye to all that chaos. Since the cable is built right into the charger, there are no loose cords to wrangle.

The Convenience Factor

Imagine the convenience of never having to remember to pack your iPhone charging cable. With the iWalk portable charger, you don't have to! The iWalk charger has a built-in iPhone cable, making charging your phone as simple as plugging it in. This is the kind of convenience that makes life just a little bit easier

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