Mini Moon Projector

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What is it?

This little device can project an image of the moon onto any surface. Very cool stocking stuffer!

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Have you ever marveled at how brightly the moon shines in the night sky? Well, it's all an illusion! The moon doesn't actually glow on its own, rather it reflects the light from the sun. And, here's the kicker: it only reflects about 3-12% of that sunlight. That's less reflective than a typical road surface! So, why does it seem so bright? It's because of the contrast with the dark night sky.

The Moon's Gravity Mystery

How's this for a fun fact? The gravity on the moon is only 17% of the gravity on Earth. So, if you're having a tough day lugging groceries from your car or carrying a heavy backpack, just imagine how much easier that would be on the moon. You'd only weigh a sixth of your current weight there. Pretty neat, huh? But remember, the lower gravity also means you could jump six times higher than you can on Earth. So, you'd have to watch your step unless you fancy a mini space flight every time you hop over a rock!

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