Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

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What Is it?

This is the Sparkel Beverage System from Bonne O.

This machine allows you to easily sparkle and infuse the delicious tastes of real ingredients – into any drink – with no CO2 tank. Simply empty the contents of the carbonator packets into the carbonation chamber, add your beverage and see the magic happen!

Also appears in GiftGenius video Part 277

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The Sparkling Start: Joseph Priestley and the Birth of Carbonated Water

Our journey begins back in the 18th century with a man named Joseph Priestley. Known as the father of carbonated water, Priestley stumbled upon this fizzy invention in 1767 while living next to a brewery in Leeds, England. He discovered that by suspending a bowl of water above a beer vat, it resulted in water that tasted pleasantly 'fizzy'. His findings, published in a paper called "Impregnating Water with Fixed Air", set the stage for what would eventually become a booming industry.

Do the carbonator packets end up in your drink?

Nope! The contents of the carbonator packets mix with water from the reservoir tank, producing CO2 on demand. This CO2 is then channeled into the bottle, carbonating your drinks. The contents of the carbonator packets and water from the reservoir tank stay separate from your drink and are diverted into a removable drip tray.

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