Stopper & Pourer

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What is it?

This elegant wine stopper has a lever that lets you seal your wine or open it up for a drip free pour. Enhances any wine experience!

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Imagine you're having a lovely picnic or an outdoor dinner party. The wine is flowing, the conversation is engaging, but the ever-present bugs are ready to join the party uninvited. This is where your stainless steel wine stopper steps in as a trusted guardian. With it, your wine is safely sealed off, deterring bugs from making a beeline for your beloved bottle. Now you can focus on enjoying your time with your loved ones, instead of shooing away pesky insects from your wine. Cheers to that!

Maximizing Wine's Lifespan with Innovation

Sure, we all know the usual story: you open a bottle of wine, enjoy a glass or two, and then there's the challenge of preserving the rest. If you've been there, a stainless steel wine stopper with a switch might be your new best friend. This smart tool does more than just cork your bottle. It's designed to keep your wine fresh for longer, maintaining those subtle notes and nuances you enjoy. The best part is the clever switch mechanism that lets you pour more wine without removing the stopper entirely. Handy, isn't it?

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