Fake Can Safe

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What Is it?

Don't be fooled! This may look like a can of corn but it's actually a cleverly designed safe to divert attention and hide things in plain sight.

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Perfect Gift for a Range of People

An excellent gift choice for new homeowners, college students, city dwellers, grandparents, and anyone else who wants to keep their prized possessions safe. With its true-to-size design and authentic appearance, this clever gadget offers a unique and discreet way to protect personal belongings.

A Clever Way to Keep Valuables Safe

It is designed to look just like the original item it mimics, making it an ideal spot to hide cash and jewelry. The idea behind this hidden safe is that the best place to conceal something is in plain sight – people won't suspect that it's actually a secret storage space. To access the hidden compartment, simply unscrew the bottom and you'll find the perfect area to stash your valuables.

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