2 in 1 Flip Toaster with Mini Oven

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What Is it?

This multifunctional toaster offers the comfort of toasting two full bagels or an entire unsliced section of baguette while doubling as a mini oven for reheating pizza, melting cheese, and more, making it a versatile companion in any kitchen.


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Flip and Bake with Ease

Now, let's not forget about the added feature of this clever appliance - it flips onto its side, transforming into a mini oven! With a temperature that reaches up to 400F and a special tray you can insert, this toaster morphs into a quick and convenient solution for reheating pizza, melting cheese, or even cooking up some chicken strips. You don't always need to fire up your full-sized oven; this nifty gadget has you covered for those smaller culinary tasks and quick meal solutions.

The Joy of Oversized Toaster Slots

Life is made of small pleasures, and a toaster that can accommodate not just one, but two full bagels or an entire unsliced section of baguette is certainly one of them. It's perfect for those mornings when you crave an extra thick slice of artisan bread or when the family demands a bagel breakfast. No more having to slice and toast sections of your favorite loaf, now you can toast it whole! It's a simple luxury that makes life a bit more delicious.

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