Screw Bolt with Hidden Compartment Inside

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What Is it?

A screw bolt diversion safe offers the perfect blend of camouflage and convenience, providing an unsuspecting hideout for small yet important items right under everyone's nose.

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Small Space, Big Possibilities

You might wonder, what can you really store in such a tiny space? The interior tube might be small, but it’s the ideal size for stashing various things - your creativity is the limit. It’s all about having a secret spot for things you want to keep safe and hidden from prying eyes, but still easily accessible when you need them.

Hidden in Plain Sight

There's a certain allure to a diversion safe shaped like a screw bolt. This is not just because it's a quirky item, but it also has a very practical purpose. See, it’s cleverly designed to resemble a regular screw bolt, and that's the beauty of it. It blends effortlessly into a toolbox, a garage, or even among spare parts, making it the perfect hiding spot. With a simple twist of the hexagon, the screw reveals a hollow interior that's ingeniously concealed.

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