Screw Bolt with Hidden Compartment Inside

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What Is it?

A screw bolt diversion safe offers the perfect blend of camouflage and convenience, providing an unsuspecting hideout for small yet important items right under everyone's nose.


Small Space, Big Possibilities

You might wonder, what can you really store in such a tiny space? The interior tube might be small, but it’s the ideal size for stashing various things - your creativity is the limit. It’s all about having a secret spot for things you want to keep safe and hidden from prying eyes, but still easily accessible when you need them.

Hidden in Plain Sight

There's a certain allure to a diversion safe shaped like a screw bolt. This is not just because it's a quirky item, but it also has a very practical purpose. See, it’s cleverly designed to resemble a regular screw bolt, and that's the beauty of it. It blends effortlessly into a toolbox, a garage, or even among spare parts, making it the perfect hiding spot. With a simple twist of the hexagon, the screw reveals a hollow interior that's ingeniously concealed.

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