Switchbot Curtain

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What is it?

Enjoy hassle-free curtain automation with the upgraded Curtain Rod 2.0, which offers multiple control options and potential health benefits. This easy-to-install, durable device can help improve sleep, energy efficiency, and home security.

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With the iOS or Android app, you can open or close your curtains right from your phone. Alternatively, you can use the Touch & Go feature and give your curtains a little tug to control them. The app even allows remote control to help create the appearance that someone is home. This can deter would-be thieves from breaking into your home while you're away.

Aside from making your life easier, this curtain automation system claims to help you live healthier by using a built-in light sensor to set timers for opening and closing your curtains. This can help improve your sleep and allow you to wake up naturally to sunshine.

Plus, it might save energy by reducing the need for air conditioning and heating. The small but mighty device can push up to 8 kg (17 pounds) of curtain and can be charged using the SwitchBot Solar Panel (sold separately).


Easy Curtain Automation

If you're looking to automate your curtains without the hassle of complicated installation, this product could be just what you need. The upgraded Curtain Rod 2.0 is designed to make your curtains slide more smoothly, and the best part is, you won't need any screws, nuts, or bolts to set it up. However, it's important to note that square rods are not supported. Made of ABS plastic with an anti-UV coating, this device is durable and built to last.

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