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Portable Movie Projector

What is it?

This portable Full HD projector has true cinematic projection that can project quality images up to 300 inches in size. You can mount it at home or take it with you anywhere you go - it doesn't even need to be plugged in thanks to the built in battery.

On top of that it has a high quality Harman Kardon audio system, ports for HDMI, Audio Output & USB, and a preinstalled Android TV system that supports over 5000 apps.

More about the future of movie projectors.

Since the early days of cinema, home movie projectors have advanced significantly. They now provide a number of features that appeal to both casual and serious viewers and are more portable and user-friendly than ever before. Home movie projectors will keep developing in the future, getting lighter and delivering more cutting-edge capabilities. Projector manufacturers will concentrate on creating products that can utilise these high-resolution formats as 4K and HDR become more widely used. Furthermore, wireless projection will spread, making it simpler than ever to enjoy movies with loved ones. It's obvious that home movie projectors are here to stay with all the amazing possibilities that are ahead of us.