Dekala Prismatic Light Color Lamp

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What is it?

This lamp can display over 16 million colours! The internal RGB LED array allows for beautiful gradients of colour to be displayed either in a static or animated fashion. It connects to an app that allows precise control from anywhere in the world and it can also be controlled by voice using a home assistant such as Google Home.

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But it's not just about setting a mood. This unique lighting solution can also be used in a more practical way. There are those days where we could use a bit more sunshine, but alas, the weather doesn't always cooperate. Luckily, with a bright white light option, this circular marvel can fill your room with faux daylight, creating an energizing environment for when you're reading, studying, or simply going about your day. Plus, the soft nature of the light emitted ensures a comfortable, glare-free experience. So, whether you're in need of a serene sanctuary, a productive workspace, or a romantic setting, this versatile light opens up a world of possibilities.

Exploring the Charm of a Multicolored Soft Circular Light

We all crave a certain ambiance in our homes or workspaces, a vibe that resonates with our personality or mood. That's where a soft circular light with color-changing capabilities comes into play. Imagine transforming your living room into a cosy nook with the warm flicker of red and orange light, akin to sitting by a comforting fireplace on a chilly evening. Or perhaps you're longing for a taste of the beach, but can't exactly pop over to the coast? With various shades of blue, this versatile light gadget can mimic the soothing waves of the ocean, bringing a calming, seaside atmosphere straight into your home.

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