Electric Scooter

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What Is it?

This Evercross electric scooter can travel at a speed of up to 46km/h (28mph) with enough battery to travel over 40km (25miles). With an adjustable handle bar, suspension on both wheels, and an optional seat, the ride is sure to be comfortable. Beyond that, the dual disk brakes make it easy to stop quickly and safely and the various lights onboard will make you visible in even the darkest environments (turn signal, rear and front light, brake light, and neon underglow).

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Smooth Sailing and Time Efficiency

What's even more fascinating about this electric scooter is its suspension system. It comes equipped with suspension on both wheels, a feature that enhances the ride quality by soaking up those annoying little bumps on your journey. Not only does it make your rides smoother, but it also makes them faster. Because this nifty piece of technology can whizz you through traffic and take shortcuts cars can't, it could significantly cut down on your commute time. Imagine that extra time you could spend on your morning coffee or hitting the snooze button one more time!

Versatility at Its Best

You've heard of electric scooters, right? Well, there's a particular model out there that's bringing a whole new level of versatility to the game. This electric scooter not only whisks you around town standing up, but it also comes with an option to attach a seat. Yes, a seat! With this addition, it seamlessly morphs into a sit-down scooter, offering you the flexibility to rest those legs after a long day or to simply ride around in a more relaxed posture.

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