Magnetic Charger (Amazon)

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What Is it?

This is a magnetic, magsafe charger. It attaches to the back of your phone, charging it wirelessly. No more bulky battery packs or dangling cables.

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Multipurpose Magic

But what's really cool about these pocket-sized powerhouses is their versatility. Equipped with a USB-C power output port, they're not just for your phone. Maybe your smartwatch is running low after tracking your 10k morning run, or your Bluetooth headphones can't quite make it through that audiobook you're hooked on. Just plug them into your power bank and they're back in business. So, while it might look like a simple phone charger, a small MagSafe power bank is a trusty companion, ready to breathe life into multiple gadgets in your tech-savvy world.

Staying Connected on the Go

In our fast-paced, interconnected world, nothing quite spoils the day like your phone's battery gasping for life. Just as you're about to snap that perfect sunset photo or check the location of that hidden café you planned to visit, your phone decides to take a nap. That's where a small power bank comes to the rescue. With its convenient MagSafe attachment, it neatly secures to the back of your phone, offering an unobtrusive, wireless charging experience. Whether you're navigating a new city, streaming your favorite playlist, or chatting with your best friend, a power bank keeps the juice flowing, so you can keep going.

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