Car Organizer

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What Is it?

This car organizer securely slides into the space between your car seat and centre arm rest. If your car is overflowing with loose papers, coffee cups and other items you can now store them within this gadget.

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Adding Convenience with an Extra Cup Holder

Think about those coffee runs that end with you juggling more cups than your car cup holders can accommodate. That's when the added benefit of this car organization gadget shines - it comes with an additional cup holder. If you often find yourself picking up coffee for a carpool or just love having choices of beverages during a long journey, the extra cup holder is a handy feature. You won't need to worry about spilling hot coffee on your lap or having to hold onto a cold soda for miles anymore. So, whether it's your morning joe or a refreshing iced tea, that extra cup holder will be there, ready to make your ride a little bit easier.

Extra Room for Essentials

A car organization gadget that snuggly slides into the gap between your seat and the center console can be a game changer for your driving experience. It's about the simple pleasure of finding the perfect spot for your things. Perhaps it's that chapstick that always seems to vanish, or the myriad of toll receipts that seem to multiply when unattended. With this neat little helper, everything finds a place. From keys to phones to the beloved candy bars for those long drives, you'll be amazed at how much this small addition to your car can hold. It's an efficient and tidy solution to the usual car clutter.

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