Wet & Dry Vacuum Mop

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What is it?

This is the Dreame H11 Wet and Dry Vacuum that is capable of vacuuming both wet and dry messes from the floor. Whether it's just liquid or a thick yucky mess, the H11 seems to cut through it with ease. Comes with a base station which allows the Vacuum to charge and self clean.


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After you've navigated your cleaning all around the house, wouldn't it be nice if it could clean itself too? You're in luck, because this wet and dry vacuum does just that. Imagine, with just a push of a button, it initiates its self-cleaning process. So while you're settling down with a cup of tea or coffee, your vacuum is diligently making sure it's ready for the next cleaning adventure. It's about saving time and reducing the hassle in maintaining your home's cleanliness, and that's a handy feature to have in any cleaning equipment.


Exploring the Versatility of a Wet and Dry Vacuum with a Rolling Brush

Ever stepped on a stray cereal bit and wished there was an easy way to clean it up? Or perhaps you've spilled a drink on the floor and bemoaned the tedious process of mopping it up? Well, you might just appreciate the convenience that a wet and dry vacuum with a rolling brush can bring to your life. Essentially, it's like having an electric mop that does the dirty work for you. Not just for dry debris, this cleaning pal can handle the wet stuff too. Yes, you read it right, it vacuums up spills - sauces, and even pasta, so you can bid farewell to those unsightly messes.

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