Smart Phone Lenses

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What Is it?

These lenses add a variety of incredible image effects to your phone photos and videos. The plastic clip allows you to easily mount and configure any lens with your smartphone. Find the kit that works for you!


Expanding your Smartphone's Photographic Horizon

There's no denying that smartphones have done wonders in making photography more accessible to everyone. But have you ever felt like the standard camera just doesn't quite capture the grandeur of a beautiful landscape, or the intricate details of a tiny insect? Enter clip-on lenses.

These handy little gadgets instantly upgrade your phone's camera, opening up a world of new photography possibilities. Imagine being able to shoot stunning wide-angle views of sunsets or bustling cityscapes, right from your smartphone. Or using a fisheye lens for fun, distorted images that pack a visual punch.


Analog Aesthetics

And then there's the allure of effects. Do you long for that soft, dreamy quality of vintage photos? Or perhaps you love the distinctive, circular view of a fisheye lens? With clip-on lenses, you can give your photos a whole range of unique looks and effects. This can lead to a lot of fun experimenting with different styles and moods.

What's more, these lenses can provide a welcome break from all the digital filters, offering an authentic, analog touch to your smartphone snaps. So, if you're looking to push your phone's photographic capabilities or just want to spice up your Instagram feed, clip-on lenses might just be your next must-have accessory.


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